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Why Piercing Strategies


Mr. James C. Pierce, President and CEO, has over 40 years of Federal Government experience, 28 of which was spent within the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).  Mr. Pierce is the former Deputy Director of OFCCP’s Division of Program Operations. Additionally, Mr. Pierce has held a number of other executive level positions with the OFCCP including: Director of the Functional Affirmative Action Programs Unit and Acting Policy Director, Acting Deputy Policy Director and Branch Chief of the OFCCP’s Division of Policy, Planning and Program Development. Mr. Pierce has also served as an OFCCP District Director.

In these managerial capacities:

  • Provided expert counsel to the OFCCP Director and other executive staff.
  • Served as OFCCP’s technical and regulatory expert on all FAAP matters.
  • Provided executive-level management, direction, and technical expertise for the development and  recommendation of policies and regulations to implement OFCCP’s laws and regulations.
  • Directed, planned and managed all FAAP Agreement activities (i.e., negotiations, consultations,  modifications, and renewals).
  • Developed OFCCP’s national training plan, compliance assistance plan, compliance assistance materials, and technical assistance program guides.
  • Served as a national training instructor for Desk Audits, On-site, and Systemic Discrimination Investigation courses.

Mr. Pierce’s in-depth knowledge and extensive experience has allowed him to become a leading expert on federal contractor compliance issues.  Authored a paper on Strategies to Ensure OFCCP Compliance.